"I believe in the power of a family portrait."

Candid shots are a great way to document your family.

Please Note: If you are looking for more formal, perfectly posed photos of your children, I am probably NOT the photographer for you. My focus during your session is to capture your family enjoying moments with each other.

You'll find lots of additional information below, including session options and pricing.

 With precise attention to detail and a personalized approach, I strive to capture those magical moments with timeless snapshots. 


This is not a common question I hear all the time! It’s very important to time your family photoshoot right. I always base my timing on kids’ sleeping schedule and try to shoot during the time they are most rested. We want them to be happy and energetic! I also recommend bringing a few toys for your children to play with. Kids’ attention spans are pretty short, so it’s always helpful to have something they can interact with and stay engaged. After all, family photos are all about them!

One last thing I’d like to add is once you get all your pretty family pictures, please do your future great grandchildren a favour and print them! This is something I personally feel very passionate about and I always mention that to my couples. Who knows where your hard drive will end up 100 years from now, but having tangible, real photos of your family will make sure your family memories are passed down through generations to come. You can quote me on that one. 


  When it comes to choosing outfits for your family photo shoot, I advise you to wear complementary colors. Wearing colors that look good together is always a good idea. I also suggest choosing clothes that are similar in texture and style.


All Sessions Include

  • Pre-session phone/e-mail consult (optional)

  • Photographer's time and talent

  • Online Viewing and Ordering Gallery