Hello! My name is Anastasia and in these photos you also see my husband Alex.

Living together we planned our wedding for 5 years. We wanted to make a little intimate, as it was a holiday just for the two of us. We had few guests at the wedding of about 15 people, but this day will forever remain in our hearts. Approximately since then, I realized that photography is not just a hobby for me! Our wedding photographer Irina Golikova kindly allowed to work with her. The first time I was carrying the bag for the main photographer, then I was the second photographer and was responsible for the candid photos. So I learned to catch moments and see the picture from the other beautiful side.

In 2014, my friend from Philadelphia asked me to take a picture of her newborn baby. So began a new stage in my photo of life. Now I am a little ashamed of those first photos, although a couple of them are even beautiful. I think someday I will show them to you. After this I was trained in this type of shooting and with the support of my husband, I opened a photo studio BABY ANGEL STUDIO.

I love life, fun, laughter and joy of the moment.

So I do not want to limit myself to only one type of shooting. I like the most different things:

 I like tears of happiness on the cheeks of the bride
 I like the laughter of a child running through the water

I like how the future mother touches  her belly

or how the man gets down on his knee and makes an unexpected proposal "Will You Merry Me?"

Photography for me is a life-long journey.

and back to my wedding...

In 2013, I married my best friend, and this had a huge impact on how I create art and run my business. Alex’s been my biggest fan from day one, and often he’s by my side helping me shoot weddings, collaborating with me on personal projects, helps to pose for newborns and can make children laugh. 2019 is our 11th year together! So, most likely, you will see us together or, at least, you will hear me talking about him quite regularly.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, write me an email!


Anastasia Nagornaia

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